Collapsible ladder is portable enough to be carried just anywhere

collapsible ladder

The ladder is an essential object for both indoor and outdoor usage, but it at the same time is not an easy object to move from one place to another. Providing a solution, Israeli designer Itay Laniado has come up with a collapsible ladder held together by a strap tightened with a ratchet, which once assembled forms two rungs of the ladder. Once collapsed, the loop in the strap becomes the handle to carry it around with minimum fuss. To quote Laniado,

The ladder is a tension system that relays on the ratchet to hold it, no screws or glue involved. The ladder is also collapsible that can be disassembled and assembled in a more compact way.

ladder 03
ladder 01
ladder 02
ladder 04
ladder 05
ladder 06
ladder 07
ladder 08
ladder 09

Via: Dezeen

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