Land Peel lounge floor mat becomes a table, seat, backrest and more

land peel 01

With city apartments getting smaller day-by-day, need for portable furniture is has been felt more than ever before, for the modular furniture not only saves space but also offers flexibility or ease of use in small homes. The “Land Peel” by Shin Yamashita, an industrial design student from the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan, is an identical furniture unit that comprising a flat three-piece mat set creates a table, seat or backrest by simply lifting or adjusting the panels. Ideal for different activities, like sitting, sleeping or reading, the lounge floor mat, when not in use, folds flat for easy storage as well as transportation.

land peel 02
land peel 04
land peel 05
land peel 06
land peel 07

Via: Designboom

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