Comfort Lapdesk: Work in comfort!

logitech comfort lapdesk Ngpfc 58
Logitech has developed a functional desk for sleek notebooks, which is not only stylish and portable, but also allows for a comfortable body posture. Hailed as ‘Comfort Lapdesk,’ the elegant laptop desk with its four-layer heat-shielding design protects the user from notebook heat. Presenting a twelve-degree angled riser that positions the notebook at a perfect viewing angle, comfortable for neck and legs in a seated position, the Lapdesk is finished with soft, air-mesh fabric so there won’t be any scratches or rashes on the legs of the users. Moreover, the Lapdesk is as lightweight as the users may work on their laptops wherever they want, on the sofa, bed or floor, with equal ease. The Lapdesk is available online for just $40.

Via: Likecool/ Coolest-gadgets

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