Control all your touchscreen devices with the power of Ringbow concept


The concept:

Touch screens have taken the technology driven society by storm. At times always interacting with the screen by touching it gets irritating, but with “Touch Flavor,” a new tool by Ringbow, the whole experience is going to take a 180 degree flip.

The tool in actuality is a ring shaped piece of equipment which will let the user have power over all the touch functions. Additional facilities can be added to present actions as well as all new touch options can be activated. The device will free the hands of a user which otherwise have to stick on the screen by taking control over it in a spatial and Kinetic-like manner.

The inspiration:

Touch screens have become a favorite amongst all because they are easy to use than punching keys all the time. But sadly, even they are not flawless and come attached with problems of their own. Touch screens just understand one kind of language and that is touch but it is far different from what we experience while clicking a mouse. Though touch screens come wedged with functions that are highly sophisticated, like multi-touch technology, touch gestures and virtual menus, but somehow they don’t manage to give a perfect experience in terms of usage.

With Ringbow, the same old method of 2D touch screen control will become much better. It will endow the user with “menu-less” navigation and accessibility, coupled with at-distance control for a much better performance. Virtual elements and their properties will be controlled in an appropriate manner by Ringbow. It will smoothen the touch screen relation making it more productive. Putting menus and other virtual components on display (toolbars and dialog-boxes) will be removed completely.

The design:

The ring-like device has been wedged with a programmable 5-way directional control button. This button has been positioned at the edge of the piece of equipment and hence can be accessed by the thumb without difficulty. The button can be aptly used to insert contextual essence. These flavors can be easily added to snap between menus as well as various interface displays or to present touchscreen communication. Manipulation of virtual interface components and visuals that appear off-screen is easily taken care by it.

Normally, when we touch a point on the screen, chances are that a browser might unwrap, but with Ringbow, the browser will be opened and further it will also at the same moment of time unfurl a widget or app or also move on to a preferred website. Multi-touch input can be coupled with spatial gesture-based commands with the help of wireless connectivity without much difficulty. With the help of this, performance and functionality can be further enhanced. A few interactions will be made possible even without touching the screen, thanks to Ringbow.

The fabulous:

Touch screens demand a constant touch gesture in order to perform, but this will take a backseat with Ringbow. Fingers have power over these gestures as well as touch screens, so the most apt tool was a ring that would take care of the necessary functions. This will free you from botheration of constantly touching the screen and it will also endow its users with a lot of fresh features. Ringtone will make the touch screen experience more enjoyable, immersible and much more well-organized.

The target:

The ring shaped device vows to kill all drawbacks and make the whole experience user friendly. Ringbow can be used for all touch devices like mobile-phones, PCs, tablets, smart home appliances, cars, gaming consoles, engineering workstations, security systems, etc. The piece of equipment will, without any hassle, sync with all the electronic gadgets fashioning a personal ecosystem. This will further make exchanging data and personal recognition possible.

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