Creative and sustainable landscaping ideas

In general landscaping provides huge benefits to the people. Landscaping must be always designed in such a way that it delivers numerous benefits to both planet and humankind. People should avoid landscaping ways which harms both planet and humankind. For example let us consider rainwater. The sloped sides would be helpful for collecting and directing the rainwater. This is called as sustainable landscaping.  Mike curry said that, spending lots of money, time and effort on the non-useful things will finally result in wastage of everything.

Curry’s views on landscaping:

It is always suggested for the people to choose a plant which can be alive without using pesticides, fertilizers, and much water. Moreover, you can also choose the plant which requires less efforts, energy and inputs. Eco friendly landscaping ideas have got a great demand these days. Especially the idea of landscaping with the rainwater has skyrocketed these days among the people. Everybody started using rainwater for landscaping as it prevents soil erosion as well as strengthens a plant/tree. Curry teaches various sustainable landscaping techniques like using rain barrels, rain gardens, bio retention designs, permeable pavers, green roofs etc to his students.

Curry had studied plant horticulture during 1970’s. He said that the landscaping industry had dramatically changed since, while he was studying plant horticulture. He also said that there are plenty options to create sustainable landscapes. He is working in the Midwest trading horticultural supplies in marketing sales section. This company is a specialist in producing non-plant landscape supplies like composts, mulches, nursery containers, structural soil, tools, aquatic supplies and growing media for rooftops, nurseries and landscapes.

He is also a president elect of MELA (Midwest ecological landscape alliance), which is a movement developed to create, restore and preserve sustainable landscapes via networking, collaboration and educating. Its main motto is to turn the green industries in such a way that their materials, methods and designs are of professional standard. Most of the home owners and commercial property owners are purchasing the irrigation controllers which runs on smart technology these days. These irrigation controllers provide the required moisture to the Mother Nature.

Curry also said his students to perform a soil test before using chemicals on a property as this would help in knowing whether the land can withstand chemicals or not. He also said that everything related to eco-system are inter-related. Curry said that we can minimize the usage of fossil fuels, water, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides by following the sustainable landscaping tools like irrigation controllers.

How should you opt for a plant?

You need to always select a plant which suits your area. Jean Brgadon, who is the manager of LGC (Luvey’s garden center) in Des Plaines, is offering a great variety of plants which suits the Chicago area and its climate. You could visit to find out more information on the plants related to different locations. Besides, a number of green products are available in the market these days. Thus, you could opt for a tree gator to gather the rain water and use it to water either plants or trees.

Bragdon said that they will offer these green products to those who are interested to do landscaping on their own or by hiring a contractor. He also said that they cannot offer installing services. However, you can go through all their plants and green products to choose the one which you feel best and comfortable. If you think that the native plants looks weedy you can chose some other plants which don’t need your attention much. In this way you can minimize your work by following the eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping techniques.


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