Decorating your home with alphabets!

Alphabets- they rule our writing, our speaking, and our listening capabilities. Now, alphabets are no longer restricted to books or notebooks, they have become decorative option for our homes. Here is a list of home decoration option that uses the designs of different alphabets. Make your home more sophisticated and elegant with these alphabets-

  1. Alpha chest: Made of mango wood, there are numerous drawers with each having one or two alphabets in the front.
  2. Fontable: Fonts of all alphabets, including upper and lower case form the red or white colored table top of the range of furniture designed by Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli.
  3. For kids: Alessandro Di Prisco created this bold colored alphabet furniture for kids, with each alphabet pointing to a word with which it starts like l for library and s for swing.
  4. AB Chairs: Black colored modernistic chairs based on every alphabet are designed by the creative designer Roeland Otten.
  5. Letters Bookshelf: Industrial designer Pieter de Leeuw created book shelf with randomly organized alphabets. The setup is trendy and customizable.
  6. Customizable letter shelves: Each alphabet can be mounted and acts as individual shelf. Now such alphabets can be arranged in series to create a word. The creative for such innovative approach goes to Ricard Mollon.
  7. Letter DIY Shelf: This is a make your own bookshelf project. Pressboards, hanging brackets, nails, screws and bolts are all you will need. Measure the dimensions and create your own shelf.
  8. Alphabet set: Set26 has created alphabet shaped furnitures with drawers and doors that look quite modern too.
  9. Typography table: The coffee table is made of wood and has names of objects one can expect on such a table.
  10. A: The home décor designed by Chris Jackson is a stool shaped like lower case “a”.
  11. Shelf: The word Shelf is bending down perpendicularly to support stuffs you put on this wall mountable black colored shelf. It is also available in red or white.
  12. Bookcase: The shelf has engraved compartments shaped like letters to hold book and much more.
  13. “XL” Bookcase: Shaped like the two alphabets, the inside of the huge shelves have individual storage with a decent capacity.
  14. Love table: Created out of steel, the four letters are individual pieces. Each piece can function as small tables, pairs as side tables and together as coffee table.


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