Dino Desk Lamp combines a functional task lamp with a plant pot

plant growing dino lamp

What do you expect a lamp to do other than lighting up the room? Well, designer Deger Cengiz certainly wants it to be far more functional. In his latest design, the designer has used his imagination to combine the utility factor with comfort and style, and has created a unique light piece that can be used as a holder, case, and even a pot. The lamp called Dino Desk Lamp, is made up of recyclable felt and was displayed at the New York Design Week.

The design is such that at first glance you’d hardly notice that this lamp actually holds a felt-lined pot at its base. But yes, the pot needs a little care and attention. While this is best suited for growing a low maintenance fern or cacti, it is necessary to use a water tight planter.

It looks like a neat, no-fuss appliance that isn’t a pain to clean. However, one thing that I really like besides its bright colors is the swan-like neck that makes it a handsome piece to own.

The neck can be bent as per light requirement and is equipped with an energy efficient LED light. The colors are bright and vibrant: green, gray, and red. Besides ICFF, it http://www.instablogsimages.com/images/2011/05/19/plant-growing-dino-lamp_6eqWD_58.jpgcan be purchased from Brooklyn’s innovative Voos Furniture, in Williamsburg.

Via: Inhabitat

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