Dodai Benches by Peter Marigold

Dodai Benches double up as handy storage

If you’ve always wanted a bunch of benches that also help you make the best of the space that they hog on the floor, these funky new Dodai Benches have got to be worth your while. Created by designer Peter Marigold, the benches are inspired by the architectural beams that traditional Japanese homes use as foundations. In Japanese, ‘Dodai’ translates as ‘base’ and these benches are a loose reference to these foundation beams though they are designed to serve as a seating option for relatively larger spaces in homes and workplaces.


Dodai Benches double up as handy storage

Dodai Benches double up as handy storageDodai Benches double up as handy storage

These seats are created to serve as a viable and handy storage option as well which means that the space they take up on the floor is never wasted. The benches are made using a Japanese cypress wood called Hiba and a woven grass called Igusa. The natural fragrances of igusa and hiba have fantastic soothing and calming properties that allow the benches to serve as natural deodorizers in rooms that don’t get enough sunlight and are low on ventilation.

Crafted from a single log of wood split into two halves, the benches feature wooden rods and woven grass covering mounted on top. These mats can be easily rolled back to reveal the interior storage space. Knobs made from dark hardwood hold the colored bungees that hold the mats in place.

Marigold has created these benches for the “Simple Vision” exhibition that Japan Creative has coordinated and the designer was prompted to make these after visiting Hinoki Kogei’s furniture making outlets in Japan. The Japanese furniture maker is one of the most respected facilities in the country and their woodcutting practices are renowned worldwide. The benches are a symbol for the reverence with which the Japanese culture uses wood in the building of homes as well as interior furnishings.

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