Dylan Freeth’s Bow Stool: Curved Ingenuity!

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Dylan Freeth’s designs always have an element of novelty added to them. Be it his Onda Table, 45 Coat Rack, or Silhouette Lamp; he’s never short of vision. This latest entry is dubbed Bow Stool and rightly so. Bow Stool, crafted out of plastic-laminated ply, is extremely functional. Available in two heights i.e. 450 and 360, it renders access to children and adults alike. Curved surface with dimensions reading 520lh x 245w lends it with a unique platter whereon you could do your mundane household tasks with a marked difference.

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What you need to do is just screw in the routered panel components. Mind you; if you don’t like that curved shape, it could be used as a normal table.
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If you go by Dylan Freeth’s ingenuity, two bolts and wing nuts provides it trademark shape. I think, it’s more sensible to let it be as it’s devised.
Via: Dylanfreeth

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