Eidos concept amplifies your physical senses

In the modern world, we have become all too dependent on technology. When we listen to music, we use technology to amplify certain aspects of it to enhance our enjoyment. When we take images, we edit them to appeal to the eye more. Using augmented reality, we try to make our experience of real life more sensually pleasing than it actually is. However, there remains a lack of dedicated technology that can enhance our existing senses though that is exactly what the Eidos concept claims to be able to do.


Eidos concept

Eidos conceptEidos concept

Consisting of two experimental products, the concept creatd by Yuta Sugawara, Mi Eun Kim, Millie Clive-Smith and Tim Bouckley basically seeks to amplify the sounds that you can hear through your ears and make the experience something similar to the electronic manipulation of audio. For visuals too, the device brings a number of enhancements that lets users essentially fine tune their sight to turn real life visuals into something far more spectacular.

Thanks to the availability of previously inaudible and invisible details, musicians can perfect the sounds that emerge from their instruments and voices, performers and athletes can fine tune their physical techniques and spectators and audiences of their performances can use these devices to enhance their enjoyment and understanding of the audio and visuals presented during these performances.

The first half of the device is the Eidos Audio that features a central mouth pieces and left and right channels on the headphone. Using the principle of bone conduction, the device amplifies the speech you choose and neutralizes distracting background noise. This creates the effect of having someone speak right inside your head. The Eidos Vision makes live experience appear like long exposure photography. It allows us to see patterns and traces that are hidden to the naked eye by overlaying detected movement.

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