Electric blower doubles as vacuum cleaner

electric blower 01

Designer Miki has created a 2-in-1 electric blower that doubles as a vacuum cleaner. This technologically advanced product features a specialized general motor that provides dual functioning of blowing and vacuuming just at a switch from one operation to another. It comes with a removable front cover for cleaning the fan to facilitate its working for a longer time. Also, its back cover constitutes few ventilated gaps, to let the air flow, in order to keep the temperature low. This compact design can be placed even in limited space with its detachable pipe. It requires 220 V of voltage to run its engine at 16000 r.p.m. This handy unit also features an appealing form with a smooth surfaced handle and vivid colored pipe with metallic finish. The unit installs simple and creative dual functioning for easy usage anytime.

electric blower 05
electric blower 02
electric blower 04
electric blower 03

Via: Behance

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