Elegant Decorative Mirrors in Artistic Murano Glass

murano glass

Italian cities come to mind whenever we think about beauty and vacation and Venice is no doubt one of them. This city stands out for its uniqueness, nowhere else in the world you can find the same magic Venice has. Its canals are what differentiate Venice from all the other cities, not mentioning each palace and building that compose the city’s design. You can dive into the past and feel like being in the Renaissance, with no cars and every street being walkable. Venice is also made of culture, art and traditions. Every period of the year is the right one to visit Venice, there’s always cultural events, art exhibitions and traditions to take part of, such as the traditional Venice Carnival. One of the best ways to explore the city is to take a slow walk through its narrow streets and canals while drinking a Spritz or eating a typical “frittella”. Near Venice there are also two islands, each one famous in their own way. You can take a Vaporetto to Burano to visit this extremely colorful island: each house is painted in different bright colors, for a stunning cityscape to take pictures of. You can then proceed visiting Murano which specializes in glassware craftsmanship and it’s internationally renowned for this reason.

Murano Island

Murano is like no other island, most of the families who live there come from generations of glassware artisans and nowadays they keep and represent their legacy. Murano glass is one of the most precious and gorgeous materials in the entire world because the technique required to realize it is centuries old and protected by Italian law as well. Each piece can be considered an inimitable work of art. Take a walk through Murano’s streets and admire all the glass products displayed inside the shops, you’ll find goblets, mirrors, sculptures, drinking glasses and plates.

Glassware at Murano

Among all the available glassware items, mirrors are exceptionally beautiful and captivating. Murano’s mirror frames are curated in every small detail for an outstanding and elegant design. At YourMurano you can browse through all the decorative glass mirrors of our selection at your own home. Our golden frame mirrors reflect the same luxurious design of historical aristocrats’ palaces, warming up and lighten up the environment. Our classic silver mirrors give a more subtle and sophisticated look to your room, and can easily adapt to most interior designs. Imagine looking at yourself in those gorgeous mirrors, a unique experience to have inside your own home!

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