Escape into your Backyards Via Landscaping and Maintenance services


People love the escape that nature provides. It’s the desire for most people to be able to indulge that need in the comfort of a beautiful backyard. But creating that scene can prove challenging, time-intensive, and costly. If you don’t have a green thumb, the loss will be unsightly and expensive.

Even for those with natural talent in gardening, the hours spent maintaining a bountiful yard are extensive for the average homeowner with the level of mulching, watering, deadheading, weeding, pruning, mowing, raking, and multiple other chores that come with it. The peace and serenity that you seek in the harmonious outdoors become equivalent to the demands of the stresses from which you’re trying to escape. But does it have to be so laborious?

Why It’s Important to Develop A Relationship with Nature


For the busy millennials in today’s modern world, most of the landscaping and lawn care maintenance is outsourced after googling their local grass cutting services near me. While this keeps the curb appeal pristine, the homeowner is devoid of all the external components that make up one of the key reasons to have ownership of a house – the responsibility of a self-sustaining, healthy, and fun outdoor living area.

Chores like these do tend to fall behind work duties, time with family, household upkeep, just daily chaos. But the therapeutic benefits that working around nature gives us is an integral component of wellness.

Many people strive to develop clean habits in living to improve not only their lifestyle, well-being, and even eating plans, but most hope to carry the concept over to benefit the planet. And this can be done using the ecosystem in your backyard without the amount of energy that you may imagine.

Sadly, yards are given the last priority and tend to be thrown together quickly as time dictates ending in an ecological nightmare. The objective is to ‘schedule’ time to develop a mutual relationship with the natural world. When deciding to buy a home, live clean, and invest in creating an eco-friendly atmosphere, the planet will not only benefit, but you will due to the serenity that you create for yourself and the outdoor dwellers who come to visit the space.

Even if in the beginning you need some help from the experts in designing and implementing the idea, ensure that it ultimately equates to a place for you to find your center, away from all the hectic in your life to where you can be one with nature.

Tips for A Planet-Friendly Low-Maintenance Garden

Landscapes and lawns should ideally need as little intervention as possible, recycling many resources so that they can be retained far into the future. The idea is to produce a space that can progress in age with dignity becoming more rewarding with the passage of time rather than growing in demand.

Protecting the environment is wholly important, and you have the opportunity to make an impact with the eco-friendly space that you develop using ecologically appropriate design and maintenance requirements. It can be a warm, inviting space for you but provide much-needed homes to various wildlife plus be simple to upkeep if done correctly. For lawn maintenance and gardening tips go to Family Handyman.

1. Select native plants in your area

Select native plants

Make sure when you select the trees, shrubs, and plantings that you choose items native to your specific region. These choices ensure that local beneficial wildlife, birds, butterflies will be attracted, and they will be acclimated to the climate, rainfall, soils, and other natural elements.

Because these are native, after becoming established, there will be minimal need for maintenance because they have a natural resistance to disease and pests local to the area. They prove to be environmentally friendly, easy, and cost-effective with no need for pesticides, fertilizing, or supplemental watering.

2. Always make sure to use mulch

Mulching helps the soil retain moisture and assists with regulating the soil’s temperature keeping what you have planted alive and healthy. The organic substances such as bark, wood chips, pine needles, leaves can keep the weeds at bay, decreasing the need for weeding in flower beds.

As the material breaks down, its nutrients are added to the soil. Keeping mulch to the drip line under trees keeps moisture in the root space but decreases the lawn’s footprint. A yard of grass creates a massive waste of water where using mulch in various placements can shrink usage considerably. Some people go so far as to eliminate the lawn altogether.

3. Use a ground cover and eliminate the grass


Using ground cover as a replacement for grass touts offering a multitude of benefits, particularly the fact that it stays low to the ‘floor’ requiring minimal if any mowing, no type of herbicides or pesticides, and no extra watering.

The suggestion for areas that see little sun, moss, makes a stunning lawn. It remains green even in extreme temperatures and is soft to walk on even without shoes. If you’re exposed to full sun, the recommendation is clover, which also will stay green even in times of little rain. It offers a sweet scent, and it cushions when you walk on it.

You can bring bees to your yard if you allow the clover to go to bloom. Otherwise, it will need just an occasional mow to keep them away and promote growth.

4. High, dry grass rather than short manicured lawns

A recommendation is to maintain a grass height where there is no more than ⅓ of the blade length cut and mow more often. The suggestion is that this will result in a much healthy yard as it will retain more moisture. You should also keep the clippings on the ground because they are rich in water and nitrogen. It’s difficult for some people to leave the clippings feeling as though it looks messy. At that point, you should discard them in the compost bin.

5. If you don’t compost, you need to begin

Start Composting

Particularly important for the environment and those who live clean is to decrease the amount of garbage produced. Composting accomplishes this and creates a natural fertilizer. To start making compost, you need to locate a warm, partially sunny spot with soil or a compost bin.

Once you have a designated area, add blends of house and garden wastes like eggshells, fruit/vegetable scraps, weeds, newspapers, cardboard – no animal scraps. These note as the right materials to bring compost-making bugs with the claim that there should be rich compost ready for use in up to nine months.

6. Rainwater harvesting for watering

The process of ‘harvesting’ rainwater boasts as a simple process for making the landscape green in watering the vegetation without the need to use the outdoor household water supply. It’s the perfect way to prevent pollution creeping into the water system by containing the runoff from the gutters and roof. You’ll improve your footprint through ‘harvesting’ using cisterns, rain barrels, or ‘rain chains.’

7. Minimize your need or eliminate the use of fertilizer altogether

eliminate the use of fertilizer

With typical landscaping, lawn services require fertilizers to ‘feed and weed’ the lawn with their harsh chemicals. The ‘quick-release’ herbicides and fertilization methods strip the nutrients out of the soil and actually promote disease for the grass.

These make the yard then dependent on these chemicals in order to survive the damage that the chemicals caused to start. Much better for the grass and the soil is an organic variety for which you only use what is necessary. But ideally, eliminate its use in favor of adding compost and organic matter to the soil and follow all the previous steps, including regular aeration – in an effort to be eco-friendly.

8. Pests can take care of pests

It may seem like more work than most want to take on, and we’re trying to do a low maintenance eco-friendly lawn. But pesticides that are chemically-laden are detrimental to people, animals, and the ecosystem. They are eliminating our bee population, which is of great concern to pollination, which will ultimately affect the environment as a whole. Each living thing on this planet has a purpose, a use, a reason.

With more modern pest control management systems, pests are controlled in much more healthful ways, naturally sustained and safely. Weeds and insects are removed by hand, beneficial insects that are natural predators are attracted to yards, and using native plants that are resistant to pests.

Slugs can be caught with either milk or beer-filled yogurt cups sunk into the ground or with grapefruit halves that have been hollowed out lying around the plants. Ladybugs will take care of mites and aphids. And if you want chickens, they will eat up all your ticks, and they’ll take care of fertilizing and aerating the lawn while chowing down on some grubs.

The point is it’s not necessary to poison anything. When we do, it will come back in one way or another, whether it’s in the soil, the water supply, the air we breathe, or in the critter being eliminated and ultimately affecting life as we once knew it. We need to realize the life we live and the things we do to make things easier for us, affects everything.

In making a conscious effort to keep low maintenance yet highly eco-friendly yard, it becomes not only possible, but it spreads into the other aspect of your lifestyle. It creates a greater awareness of the planet, the ecosystem, and how we all function together.

This is how you develop and grow the relationship with nature, which is so important when designing the optimal backyard. It’s the imperative first step. From there, you know how to proceed with the design, where you want your pathways or small little ‘rooms,’ flowerbeds, sidewalks, and how you want to create a ‘lawn.’

It’s merely a matter of finding the right professional who can see your vision and meet you there.

How Can We Appreciate Our Natural Surroundings?

Natural Surroundings

Unfortunately, most of us tend to outsource most of our household responsibilities in the modern world because we are quite frankly inundated with work schedules, family time, children’s activities, and too much chaos. But when you purchase a home, that’s one of the most important accomplishments of your life. You don’t want to be so busy that you miss out on all that goes with that.

Too often, people are stuck inside an office with no windows and then go home to an apartment where they can’t get outside and enjoy fresh air or even open their windows. With a house and a yard, you have natural resources at your doorstep. Don’t look at it through a window. Take your coffee, go out into the yard, watch the sunrise, listen to the birds, feel the earth under your feet, and experience nature.

You may need assistance in having the property developed into what will be your own personal oasis. But you must have a hand in helping to achieve that. Being at one with your natural surroundings is an essential element towards wellness. Once you’ve established the relationship, it will be a place where you can come to bring yourself back to center after your days go haywire.

Final Word

Generally speaking, it’s difficult when you’re not versed in landscape design just to make a backyard into a beautiful garden. Every homeowner will need a landscape professional or lawn services to get them on the right path. Readfor easy landscaping ideas.

For those most interested in an environmentally-friendly professional or someone to help develop an area that will be low maintenance, research will be critical in finding the right person along with reviewing testimonials on the company’s behalf.

Beneficial as well is going on to the company’s website to find projects they’ve worked on, read about their backstory, and find references for which you could perhaps visit to see the results. The landscaper needs to be in tune with your vision, accept your input on the design, and allow you to participate with the labor.

Most experts grasp and incorporate the eco-friendly concept, and modern designs are as low maintenance as possible with busy homeowners in mind. As a whole, people will compete for this concept.

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