Fiat EYE: Gyroscopically balanced vehicle runs on voice commands

fiat eye 03

Designed for the Fiat, the “EYE” by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata is a compact personal vehicle based on Segway technology that allows a stable, swift and sustainable ride on city-roads. Running on an electric propulsion system, the gyroscopically balanced vehicle also includes sensor technology and control software to ensure perfect controls. Including the voice command and biometric reading sensors, the personal mobility concept eliminates the physical occupancy of the rider to offer a comfortable and controlled ride, while presenting a clear view of the surroundings. Opening the door like the cockpit of a fighter jet, the futurist vehicle shifts gear and trigger other mechanisms on verbal commands of the driver.

fiat eye 01
fiat eye 02
fiat eye 04
fiat eye 05

[Thanks Dinard]

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