Five amazing applications and gadgets for overworked parents

arents are over anxious and stressed out, as they have to juggle between their hectic work schedules, kids, long work hours, which translates to working 24/7.  Despite the stress and overload, parents are expected to provide everything seamlessly.  However, thanks to technology, as we now have simple technological tools, aimed specifically for the overburdened parent to make their life easier.  Here are five such apps and gadgets:


Life 360

Busy parents who have a thousand odd things swimming around in their heads and a zillion schedules to stick to generally forget to do certain things occasionally.  Fret not, as Life 360 is here to ensure the safety of your family and help you remain in touch constantly with each other.  This free app can be set on your phone and you can send invited to other family members with mobile phones.  This app shows you a map where you can see where your family member is in real time and vice versa.  You can in fact set off an automatic alert for each arrival or departure of your family member from a particular area on the map.  There is even an emergency panic button, which directs notifications, emails and texts to all others in the family and provides exact locations.



Often your little one tends to fall sick in the night time- but with ZocDoc, you can be rescued.  This free app helps you to find an in-network or nearby doctor and you can instantly book an appointment with the doc online.  This can be done round the clock seven days a week, even if the doctor’s is closed for the day.  This app provides you an appointment wait time of 1-3 days.


At times, waiting for ten minutes to get through to a plumber, vet, lawyer or doctor seems like ages.  However, with, you can utilise the 10 thousand strong vetted specialist based in 700 different domains.  The average wait time to get an answer to your question is 7.5 minutes and you can access it 24/7.  However, the answers come at a price- usually $25 per question or you can alternatively buy bundles, which are on offer.



EasilyDo is a free app that makes your Smartphone seems smart.  This application grabs all the important information from the various apps and provides it to you in a clean and easy manner.  It simplifies bulk information in one single format, without you scouring for information from various apps.



No matter how much of supermoms or super dads we might be- it still is impossible to be omnipresent.  Dropcam is an HD video camera that comes at $199 and you can install in your home and then connect it to your Wi-Fi, and connect it to an application on your mobile.  Dropcam helps you to take directly through live video to people, pets.  You can ensure that your kids are safe at home and doing their homework with this one!


Applications and gadgets have been designed and built to help the over anxious and hard working parent trying to find a way to satisfy both ends.  With the help of handy apps, it is possible to make your work lighter and keep your stress levels low.

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