Five farcical cremation urns

Protecting the remains of our loved ones in a vessel is considered as a very sacred ritual in many parts of the world. Cremation urns are very special because they are a benefit to the family suffering from the grief of loosing someone very dear. While brass and wooden urns have been long in use, there are some crazy cremation urns to preserve the remains of your loved ones.


  • A complete new way to preserve the remains of your beloved has been created by websites like the and Your family can now be in touch with you even after years of your passing by with this unique cremation urn that is wrapped inside soft and cute teddy bears and soft toys. It is a truly innocent way of remembering our lost family members.

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  • If you are a person concerned for your environment, probably you might find this as the best way for your ashes to be kept protected. It is now possible with the all-new biodegradable urn with a tree seed at its centre that will get nutrients to grow from your ashes. With the help of this recycling eco-friendly, you can become a tree after your death.


  • The memorial products branded under the famous KISS merchandise include caskets, bronze memorials, memory prayer cards, cremation urns, pet cremation urns, registry books and memorial candles all to keep you close to the memories of your loved ones.


  • Keeping the dead remains in the urns is a common practice in a large number of houses. However, Charles Krafft from Seattle wants to do something extra. He wants the dead to be containers and not contained. Following the formula invented by Josiah Spode in 1797, Krafft is trying to make urns made from human ashes. He has already designed an urn made from cremated human remains shaped like that of a Vodka bottle as per the request of one of the friends of the dead person.


  • The “Star Trek” is one of the unique urns for those who want to keep the memories of their loved ones alive forever inside an urn. Eternal Image, who is manufacturer of the brand name memorial products, has manufactured the Star Trek. The urn includes two cube-shaped urns, which are based on different themes “To Boldly Go” and “The Voyage Continues”. The urns are designed from a composite of minerals and metals whereas the white speckles on the box signify a star field. Both the urns display images of Starship Enterprise that is a part of the Starfleet logo.


Cremating a loved one is not at all easy; however, these crazy cremation urns can be a good way to make the memories of your dear ones immortal.

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