Floppy disks glued to make a good-looking laptop desk

floppydisklaptopstand cqZfB 48

What do you do when you have too many useless floppy disks lying around? One satisfactory answer seems to be this laptop desk made using 82 floppy disks. The DIYer spent hours with 82 floppy disks, a cardboard base, Popsicle sticks and glue to create this amazing laptop desk. The best part with the design of this recycled floppy disk laptop stand is that there is enough space below the laptop for air cooling. If you have got some better idea for me to use the floppy disks lying around in my store room, please share. More images of the floppy laptop desk after the jump.

floppydisk 1 TRwiT 48floppydisk 2 3btEY 48floppydisk 3 ejOrs 48floppydisk 4 XNlEv 48

Via: TecheBlog

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