GeoProxy: Everything That You Need to Know About It

GeoProxy: Everything That You Need to Know About It

What is This About?

GeoProxy is a location-based proxy. As with most other proxy servers, this one allows you to achieve some goals, namely:

  • Relative anonymity
  • Internet security
  • Increasing the speed of access to the Internet if it is unsatisfying

Such services are used not only by ordinary residents but also by workers of certain professions. Let’s talk about this in more detail.


How does it work?

Before continuing, let’s explain how it works as simply as possible with one example. You type into Google “Where to buy a tank?”. The request is routed through your ISP. Then you click on the first site you like and it sends you data in response. Everything is transparent and direct.

In this case, the site can get some of your data, for example:

  1. Your IP address and exact or approximate location.
  2. Browser used and its version.
  3. OS used and its version.
  4. Some data on the configuration of your PC or laptop.
  5. OS and version of your phone or tablet.

This list is not complete. Of course, not all sites receive all this data at once, it rather depends on each resource. Not everyone may like this. Also, nobody likes any kinds of restrictions and inability to access their favorite sites and resources. In this case, a proxy will help you.

When you surf the web, a proxy acts as a “mediator” between you and Internet. When using a proxy, the request is sent first to it, from it to the site, from the site back to the proxy, and then to you. It also allows some of your data to be hidden and provides some degree of anonymity.

Hiding your true IP address and other data when using a proxy will also help you bypass restrictive blocks and regional blocks. With the right choice of the proxy, it will also allow you to access resources that are only available in a certain territory. For example, being in London, you can access a site available only in Washington, D.C., and so on.

Another beneficial use of a proxy is the ability to connect a large number of users to it. This will allow, for example, to connect your entire company to a separate server and route all traffic through this server.

This will allow not only bypassing the blocking of individual resources but also blocking such resources yourself. For example, you can block access to YouTube or Facebook for your employees so that they do not spend their time on entertainment.

Another helpful benefit, in addition to increased anonymity, is also a slight increase in security. Since the proxy acts as an intermediary between you and the site, possible phishing or other attacks will not come directly to your computer, causing damage, but to the proxy. Yes, it is possible that the proxy will no longer be available – but your data and other digital property will remain safe.

However, a lot depends on the choice of a quality proxy provider. In this case, it is better to choose “old players” who have managed to earn a good reputation for themselves and can boast a large number of positive reviews. Let’s talk about one of these.

Should you choose

The short answer is yes, it is. We will answer in more detail below. For starters, what this provider can offer you:

  1. A variety of packages to choose from at affordable prices and with a different list of services.
  2. Ability to test even the most expensive package for only $1.99.
  3. Possibility to create your own package with the services you need. You can get assistance with this from the support service. In this case, the price will be selected individually for you according to the services you chose.
  4. The support service works 24\7 and the quality of service does not depend on the selected package.
  5. An advanced and reliable system ensures high-quality work and speeds no matter where you are. If you have an Internet connection – you will be able to use a proxy.

This is not a complete list of advantages – we do not want to lay out all the cards at once. We hope we have intrigued you – in that case, visit the site and check out the full list of pleasant benefits!

You also have the right not to believe us. We would do the same! In this case, we recommend that you study the reviews of on a variety of different resources – this will allow you to most soberly evaluate our recommendations.

Also, before buying, we recommend that you take the opportunity to try out any of the available packages in test mode or try to create your own if you are clearly sure what you need.

We also want to warn you – proxies and VPNs are not a universal panacea and do not provide absolute anonymity and security. Even if you choose the best available proxy from the best provider, this will not guarantee everything. But proxies and VPNs, of course, fully fulfill their duties and provide a large number of advantages compared to their absence.

We hope we have helped you and wish you a safe and anonymous Internet experience. Do not forget about our recommendations – we would not recommend you something that we would disdain to use ourselves.

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