Golden Gate electric camper pod is a home on wheels

Golden Gate 1

Camping is a fun way to escape the hustle-bustle that cities come caked in. However, here is a piece of good news for all such avid campers who like exploring the surroundings. Designer Jay Nelson has designed the Golden Gate to make this outdoor recreational activity all the more enjoyable.

The electric camper pod is like a home away from home. It comes enveloped in a fiberglass casing, which has all the basic facilities. The pod looks like a small chopper and comes wedged with a stove, cabinets, foldable table, convertible bed, water tank and a toilet. This house on wheel is light in weight and can be carried anywhere. It won’t consume much space and will bow down to all your basic needs.

It can be further customized as per a user’s whims and fancies. The Golden Gate works on electricity and will make sure the environment remains clean and green. It will make sure you don’t miss your home and carry things that are important for you. Cook food, read, write or simply relax, the Golden Gate will make you connect with nature like never before.

Via: JayNelsonArt

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