Rock – aïl: Grow your own greens within the kitchen

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When it comes to kitchen, I am a bit fussy about the way it should be. It’s impossible to dole out yum and healthy recipes with panache that satisfy appetites too if you are not comfortable working in the setup. Also in today’s day and age to set up a versatile kitchen with a personal kitchen garden seems to a dream that can never come true. But a group of four designers from France have come under one roof to conceptualize an avant-garde arrangement to materialize such fantasies. Dubbed as Rock – aïl, it is a polygonal shaped set up that houses all that you can ask for and more! Intending to make people responsible about the feeding habits, well being and ecology at home, it is a whole complete kitchen by it self.

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With the kitchen garden in the center, it is immediately surrounded by the sinks and the drainer. I presume that the water from the sink and drainer can be fed to the garden. It also has all the other features essential for cooking like the cutting board, work table, induction cooker, electric oven, (green) dust bin, lights, shower, icebox and also some space for storing wines.
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My kitchen too needs one thing – A complete changeover! How I wish I could swap it with this kinda futuristic yet eco-friendly set up.

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