Guide to Floating Kitchen Countertops

Guide to Floating Kitchen Countertops

Like every other space in a home, the kitchen also deserves a beautiful and unique ambiance. Everything matters — right from the furniture pieces to the type of lighting and crockery you select. Similarly, a kitchen countertop plays a significant role in beautifying your cooking space. It helps set the overall design style of your space.

While buying a countertop for your kitchen is not at all a difficult task, deciding on a unique and eye-catching style can be pretty tough. Nowadays, floating countertops are gaining immense popularity because of their unique style and approach. There are several options for the material for floating counters, such as quartz, marble, and granite.

One of the most important things to consider is the right thickness so that it lasts longer. Visit this site to read about recommended quartz countertop thickness from the experts at Caesarstone.

In this post, learn how to make a floating kitchen countertop more stylish. But first, let’s explore what exactly they are:  

What is a floating kitchen countertop?

Brackets are used to support the floating kitchen countertop to give the illusion that the counter is floating in the air.

Basically, it is anchored to the wall, and there is no support at the other end all the way to the floor. These countertops are best for people who want to have a clean and modern look. In addition, installing a floating counter at a different level than the usual ones helps increase the value of your entire property. Here are two basic things that matter when having floating countertops:

1.   Style

When opting for a floating countertop kitchen, the two major aspects are its style and color. As long as all these aspects are cohesive with all other elements of your kitchen, your design will turn out to be appealing.

2.   Location 

Floating counters in your kitchen can be installed in two different ways:

  • Against the wall
  • On top of an island

It’s crucial to know where you want to install the floating counter to determine the best ways to secure it. 

Four stylish floating kitchen countertop ideas for your home

Floating kitchen counters make your kitchen look more stylish while enhancing the overall functionality of the space. Here is the list of some showstopping ideas for your new floating kitchen counters:

1.   Floating bar kitchen counter

It can be a terrific addition to any kitchen as it offers a distinct style and extra functions. Generally, it is elevated right above a base counter that is supported completely with strong brackets. Also, these brackets are fastened to the support structure. The brackets that are used in such counters must be strong, larger, and durable. A floating bar kitchen counter will introduce a unique character to your space.

2.   Floating kitchen island countertop

A floating kitchen countertop appears as if it is floating without any support. Therefore, it brings a touch of lightness and openness to the kitchen. These counters are attached to the sturdy freestanding base, which can be an open cabinet, shelf, or column.

3.   Inset base kitchen island

It is quite similar to a typical kitchen island. The only difference is that the baseboard is inset, making it appear invisible to achieve a floating effect.

4.   Knee wall floating countertop

It is also referred to as half wall or pony wall. One can install and extend this wall right above a support cabinet. Finally, the floating kitchen counter is placed on the top of this pony wall and is generally extended 3 cm to 6 cm on one side. You can use it for serving food or as a breakfast bar. 

Ways to make floating kitchen countertops look more stylish

●    Decorative corbels

Those who want to make their counters look unique can use decorative corbels. They are easily available offline as well as online. Simply search “carved corbels for countertops,” and you will get hundreds of options to choose from.

Moreover, they are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and color options — offering you more design flexibility.

●    Metal support brackets 

Metal support brackets are the best alternative to wooden ones. To achieve a streamlined look, you can easily find strong metal brackets that match your kitchen’s design theme and hardware finish. Moreover, if you are looking for something that offers extreme support with a narrow footprint, these are best for you. 

What are the best materials for floating kitchen counters?

It isn’t easy to decide what works best for your kitchen’s remodel and what material will make your kitchen’s floating counter stand out. So first, start with the vision of your dream kitchen. It will help find the best elements that bring that vision together seamlessly.

Here are the top three materials that are popular for floating kitchen counters:

1.   Granite

Granite is the key player in kitchen remodeling, especially for floating counters. It helps give the space a modern touch and feel.

Since it is a natural stone, it lasts longer. It is available in numerous colors, designs, and patterns which means one can easily find the options that match your preferred theme. However, granite is a heavy material, and extra caution is required when having a floating kitchen counter. It’s highly recommended to hire only experienced professionals to avoid avoidable issues and accidents.

2.   Quartz

An engineered stone that is known for being one of the most durable countertop materials. The counters are created with natural ground-up quartz particles and high-quality resin material. Generally, engineered quartz counters have more than 90% natural material, but because the resin is used, it is referred to as engineered material.

The best thing about a floating quartz countertop is that it is waterproof. Also, it is a non-porous material, so there is no need for resealing. Homeowners who want their kitchen to be squeaky clean and free from bacteria can go for quartz.

It gives a vibrant, soothing, contemporary feel, and hence it is a popular material for modern kitchens. Since quartz is available in different patterns and colors, it’s not difficult to find a piece that complements your theme.

3.   Marble

It is a supreme-quality type of limestone and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. However, white with gray detailing is the most popular choice. Since different quarries result in the formation of different minerals, no two quarries make marbles that are identical. So, what does it mean? Well, no other marble slab in the world will be similar to your counter. It is considered to be a high-end countertop stone, so it can be a little pricier than other options.


Your kitchen is where countless activities and chit-chats happen – be it a regular dinner or a get-together with friends. And a floating counter is something that will help make your kitchen stand out. Not only does a floating counter look beautiful, but it adds an ample amount of functionality. We hope the ideas we shared in this post will inspire you to make your floating counter look trendier and more stylish.

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