3 Design Tips for Creating a Feature Wall

Design Tips for Creating a Feature Wall

Not sure what to do with that big blank wall? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to spruce it up and make it the feature wall that can turn heads.

You can transform your dull wall into a stunning feature wall with a range of materials like paints, wallpapers, wall panels, bricks & more. While it’s totally up to you and your taste if you want to paint the wall or add a bespoke art piece to liven it up, if you ask me, my choice would be the contemporary wall panels. 

1. Wall Panels

Installation of gypsum 3D panel. A worker is attaching the gypsum tile to the wall.

Let your wall be an example or contemporary and stylish design. Whether you choose vertical panels or horizontal panels, your wall is goona look stunning either way.

Depending on the wall you choose, you can pick a colour that goes with the overall style of the room. For example, if you’re trying to spruce up your hallway wall, go with a darker colour like grey, black, blue, or brown and if it’s a bedroom wall, then subtle colours like off-white, pink, light blue, or lavender should be your best pick. These colours bring freshness into the room, much needed for relaxation & rejuvenation. 

2. Wall Paints

Painting with white paint over a yellow wall

Are your dull walls begging for colours? In that case, pick up your paintbrush and splatter the paint colour you want to see on the wall. Painting your wall not only adds aesthetics but also stirs your creativity. Wake up your inner artist and get to work. The plain white wall can be your canvas where you can showcase your creativity.

If you’re messy and artistic, paint-splattered accent wall is what you want and if you’re classy and sophisticated, solid coloured wall adorned with a bespoke art-piece is your best choice. If you ask me, I’ll go with the messy artistic look and pair it with simple solid coloured furniture. But that’s just me, messy, creative, and bold.

3. Exposed Bricks

woman sitting in Exposed Bricks interior

Raise your hand if you think your wall needs something more than colours. Trust me, I get you if you’re a sucker for an effortlessly cool exposed wall. Secretly, I am too. Whether you’re looking for an exposed wall that goes with your industrial interior design or a low-key background highlighting your bookcase, a classic red-brick wall serves all your styling needs. Especially, the wall above the fireplace is meant to be of bricks. It’s like an unsaid rule when it comes to interior designing.

If you have dark-toned flooring, go for a white painted brick wall. This dramatic contrast will allow you to play around with plenty of styling options. Adding black and white photo frames will transform the place into a pop-culture oasis, whereas adorning the wall with fairy light will turn it into a modern barn worthy of entertaining your close ones.

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