Guide to Pairing Quartz Countertops With Oak Cabinets

Pairing Quartz Countertops With Oak Cabinets

Designing any part of the home can be a challenge since there are many factors to consider. First, homeowners need to think about the overall aesthetic and how to highlight the architectural accents. When it comes to the kitchen, it can get a bit trickier since people will have to choose a color palette, as well as different elements. We know that at the moment, all of this might sound overwhelming, but we are here to help out.

To begin, let’s talk about the ideal materials for the kitchen. In the market, there are several options available. But, for the main elements of the room, we prefer quartz countertops with oak cabinets. The surface will be durable and add value to the property. Plus, homeowners have a variety of styles to choose from. On the other hand, oak cabinets will always be the standard to create a classic look.

Now, it is crucial to answer a couple of questions. For instance, will the oak cabinets be the accent piece? Is the countertop the centerpiece of the whole design? Plus, it is also essential to consider the color palette for the room.

After answering all these questions, homeowners can get started. Below, we have a simple design guide they can follow to get the perfect layout using oak kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertops.

Pairing oak cabinets with quartz countertops

oak cabinets with quartz countertops

In general, it is easy to combine quartz countertops with oak cabinets since these two materials create a great contrast in the kitchen. However, there are still some things homeowners need to consider.

1. Colour Coordination

After homeowners have decided which element is going to be the centerpiece of the kitchen. Then the other should enhance it. For instance, let’s say that cabinetry is the main feature. In this case, the quartz countertop should be white since this tone will reflect the light and highlight the cabinets.

In the same way, if the countertop features a bold color to make a statement, the cabinetry should have a complementing color.

2. Texture

The reason why we love to combine quartz countertops with oak cabinets is that these two elements also offer a lot of texture. On one side, we have a type of wood that is unique. Even if two homeowners purchase the same cabinetry, the product will have different patterns due to its organic origin.

Quartz could either be a solid color or have some veining design. For all homeowners who’ve always wanted a marble surface. Then, the ideal choice will be personalized quartz with delicate veining.

3. Extra elements

When using oak cabinets with quartz countertops for the kitchen, homeowners also need to think about the extra elements they will introduce. One of them is the hardware of the cabinetry. The best tones to highlight any design are silver and gold. Plus, they also need to consider the decor.

All kitchens should have a natural piece, whether it is a small plant or a flower vase. Further, homeowners can also purchase some unique products to place on the countertop.

Remember that oak cabinets with quartz countertops are often used for rustic kitchen designs. But since we know a lot of homeowners dream about having an all-white kitchen, they can check out some inspirational ideas here. 

Oak Kitchen Cabinets With White Quartz Countertops:

Design Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets

If homeowners decide to have oak cabinets with quartz countertops, they will have an elegant and rustic kitchen. But, there are many ways to combine these two elements. That’s why, below, we will present some combinations that everyone can try out.

1. Go for Gold

A regular household should always try to achieve a warm kitchen design since it will allow guests to feel welcomed. In this case, the oak countertops should be medium-toned and accompanied by silver hardware. To highlight the cozy personality of the cabinetry, the quartz countertop should have yellow undertones. To complement it, install some stainless steel appliances.

2. Rustic Kitchen

The main feature element of a rustic kitchen is dark cabinetry. Usually, with other materials, this will create a moody room. But, with oak kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertops, the undertone of the cabinetry will be red. That means this element will have some brightness. To complete the entire design, purchase a beige quartz countertop. If homeowners want to add a touch of color, we suggest purchasing some small plants or flower vases.

3. Embrace darkness

Even though most people are now looking forward to building a bright kitchen design, it is worth taking a risk and embracing the darkness. That means going for a bold oak tone and black countertops. We know that this might sound like a crazy idea. You can, however, add some colorful decor items to create contrast. In addition, if people want to add a delicate element, they can install gold hardware.

4. Delicate Elegance

Some people believe that a kitchen with dark countertops will make the room look smaller. However, that is not true. A surface with a bold tone can add a touch of modernity to the design. Plus, paired up with golden cabinetry, it will create the perfect contrast. Finally, we would suggest stainless steel appliances and silver hardware to complete the whole style.

5. Blue and grey

Even though it seems like an odd combination, grey and blue create an ideal color palette. If homeowners have a big kitchen, they can alternate the cabinetry tones featuring both tones. For the countertop, try something unique. What about a tricolor kitchen with a wood, white and grey surface? To enhance the whole design, install gold decor.


From all the information we have gathered in this article, we can confidently say that quartz countertops with oak cabinetry are the best combination for the kitchen. This is a versatile style that can either create a modern kitchen or a rustic one. When planning a kitchen with these elements, it is essential to consider the textures, tone combination, and additional decor. Overall, this is a great kitchen layout that all homeowners should try out for their next renovation.

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