How designers influenced by PSY’s gangman Style

PSY’s Gangman Style is the new idea of innovation for the designers

Satirically created video of ‘Gangman style’ by the famous South Korean rapper and singer PSY has become viral soon after its release and the height of its popularity has even influenced the designers across the globe. The mixture of different locations where PSY has shot his video gives a more aesthetic look to the whole sequence. Be it a beach or an elevator or a sauna or bizarrely the stable; all the locations chosen by PSY displays his sense of humor and even his vision towards the variety of life. The rhythmic chorus singing the hymn “Hey, sexy lady” and the slick beats giving company to the music are all enough to give funky and invigorating ideas to any designer.

What designers are learning from “Gangaman style”?

Designers are always in look of something unique and most importantly the ‘latest’. No doubt, PSY’s Gangman style is the buzz these days and the bright colors with sexiness throughout the video are fascinating the designers all over the world.  The silliness and the perkiness maintained in the video is the major connect of the Gangman style with the designers who see the entire concept with an artist’s eye.

Although the video shows the lifestyle and the humor that prevail in South-Korean sub-sects, the style of dressing and the way of making things playful is universally being applied by the designers recently.

The sleek, flashy and brightly colored sets shown in the video are quite appealing to the designers. Moreover, the fantastically created exteriors with chrome, steel and plastic gives a novel chance to the designers to create something matching to it.

Even designers are not keeping any stone unturned and they are now ready to do experiments with humorous designs as well. Humor is the main theme of the Gangman style and the application of humor in designs is the new mantra these days. Fancy yet bold and absurd designs with weird color combinations are ‘in’ fashion world.

“Hey, sexy lady” chant has also its unique impact over the world designers as sexuality is the one thing that sells the most in the design world. The sexually-driven products are highly favored among by the consumers, though no one acknowledges publically.

What all is available with Gangaman style designs?

Gangman style shoes, PSY look-alike pendants, PSY goggles, Gangman-inspired nail art, tattoos, fhas-drives and even gangman-style cakes and coffees are quite a rage among the consumers.

Designers are not only giving the Gangman style to the regular stuff, but the things are beyond imagination are also included in the list of Gangman-inspired stuff.

New things that a designer must learn from Gangman Style

The unique combination of humor, color and sexuality is the one that inspires the design world, but the most crucial thing that Gangman teaches to the designers is how to sell a product by making it unique. The PSY’s Gangman Style video has become immensely popular not only among the youngsters, but also among the elder people. Although PSY has not adopted any marketing strategy to promote his video, but the promotion is done by the people who saw it. Even the West Indies cricket player Chris Gayle couldn’t control him in the ground and did the Gangman Style on his team’s triumph.

Designers must learn that the end product should be mass appealing rather than making it for a small section of society. If the designer’s product would fascinate the common people, it would certainly be a hit like Gangman Style. So designers, use your creativity for making something that is for all!

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