How to develop a garden in Arabic, Islamic and Persian styles

If you like gardens, then you will certainly admire the gardens created using Arabic, Islamic and Persian influences. These gardens are made following some neat concepts as well as rules with primary focus on highlighting different shaded sections and use of water in the garden. Originally, these gardens were developed to represent paradise on earth.


Make your own garden

To make your garden similar to these Middle Eastern gardens, you will have to first do some amount of research to find out the features, which you will be able to reproduce in your own garden. Let us now look at the steps on how to go about creating the garden.

Step 1: Check design samples and research pictures for inspiration

  1. Get gardening books that explain different aspects of such gardens, such as style, layout and colors, using pictures. You will also find detailed explanation about the principles of how to build such gardens by reading these books.
  2. Research online and you will get several references of how these gardens took their shape. You can also visit these countries if possible to go to some of these old gardens still present in these countries or your can ask some of your friends living in these Middle Eastern countries to send you books and pictures of these gardens. 


Step 2: Analyze characteristics of these gardens

  1. Proper Shades: In these Arabic, Persian and Islamic gardens, you will find that proper shades are created to keep the place cool in hot climatic conditions.
  2. Use of Walls: The gardens have walls giving the gardens a defined shape as well as help in temperature regulation.
  3. Water Provision: In these gardens, you will find a central feature where there is provision for water. It can be in the form of a reflection pond or any other similar water provision.
  4. Colors & Design: Most of the gardens have crisp colors, long beds in the parterre style, archways with wooden support and symmetrical elements. 

Step 3: Set up a water system

  1. Use small fountains are used more with water channels and ponds with streams from four directions. The four channels are said to be associated with four rivers that flow in the paradise.
  2. Instead of round ponds, geometrically shaped ponds were more popular in Islamic gardens with more prevalence of colors such as Jade and Turquoise in these water systems. 


Islamic, Persian and Arabic gardens were unique in their style and if you want to create a similar one, then you will certainly have to research as well as study a lot to understand the aspects used to make these gardens.

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