Extraordinary homemade creations by ordinary men

Any device, method, composition or process, which is new or an improved version of the same, is termed as invention. Inventions help in overcoming the obstacles presented in our everyday life and makes things easier to use. Look around at some of the simple problems you encounter on daily basis and see how you can fix them up. Here are a few examples of homemade inventions:


Home Made Dialysis Machine:

Hu Songwen from China was suffering from kidney disease. He is an inventor of a life saving machine. Songwen when ran out of his savings and could not afford hospital fees decided to make a machine, which could cut down his expenses. Made up with utensils and old medical instruments, this machine works as an external kidney. Songwen has worked three days a week on this machine and the cost is only 12% of the hospital expenses.


Self made prosthetic arm:

Mark Lesek who lost his hand in a car accident refused to believe that he was unsuitable to receive a prosthetic arm. After consulting several doctors and buying an expensive, usable prosthetic arm, Lesek went to Sweden at the Branemark Osseointegration Centre where he was fitted with bolt acting like a shoulder. Triggered with a strong desire to find an affordable solution to his problem, Lesek designed an artificial hand for himself with the help of his friend and a team at the University of Tasmania.


Teen built an iron man suit:

To show his love and affection towards his favorite superhero, 17-year-old Archie Whitehead from London designed a highly realistic iron man costume. This DIY costume is made out of foam after spending lots of time in searching through the web and finalizing the final model. Archie traced the final template on foam sheet, which was then cut very finely; bolts were used for joints and acrylic for sealing. The costume was spray-painted. The helmet is made out of fiberglass. Total time required to design the costume was around 4 months and cost inclusive of all charges is $500.


Salient Submarine:

Tao Xiangi , an extremely intelligent from China has got this brilliant underwater submarine design. Xiangi has worked extreme hard for the approval of his project to make his dream a reality. The submarine is designed of propellers, electric motors, a periscope and a depth control tank.

Robot Rickshaw

The Robot Rickshaw:

This weird invention is accredited to Mr. Wu Yulu, a farmer from Beijing, China. Yulu’s walking robot pulls him in his cart along the roads and is no longer a surprise to his neighbors. Robot making has been his sole passion. Forty-eight year old Yulu has designed 47 robots, which can actually jump, paint, drink, massage and pull carts. He was invited to the Shanghai Expo to display the practical uses of his more than 32 robots.


We have seen some of the most amazing indigenous creations in the past. Here are some of the homemade inventions by extremely brilliant people who decided to make their own way.

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