Creative gadgets and apps to make texting easier

We make use of several gadgets and devices in our daily lives to make things easier for us. Everyday innovations are being released in the market that aims to improve functionality of certain things or help to improve usability. In the following section, we will look at some such unique innovations, which are exceptional and can help us in our daily lives.



Texthook – Text and Push the Stroller at the same time

It is illegal to use mobile while driving but it would be legal to use the mobile for doing things such as texting while you push a stroller. However, it is a difficult thing to text while you are moving with a stroller. Now there is a device available in the market in which you can mount the mobile on stroller’s handlebar. This new $26 device can be used with mobiles of different sizes as well as stroller models. Now you can push the stroller and text at the same time.

The other benefit of this device is that its cradle can rotate by 180 degrees allowing you to use the phone in landscape as well as portrait mode. It is not only compatible with strollers but can also be used on treadmills, shopping carts and bicycles.


BrailleTouch – Allowing Blind people to text

It is a texting app for smart phones, which is like Braille. This free open source app has been developed based on the theory of gesture-based texting in which a user does not have to look at the display of the phone. App is based on Braille system of writing and it has been found in studies that the visually impaired people who were given this app for testing were able to achieve 92% accuracy level and input about 32 words in a minute.


Touch Screen Gloves

In winters, it becomes difficult to use your phone for text, browsing the net, playing games or making calls. Now there are gloves available for as low as $7.49 which contain wire wool made up of non-scratch material and the wool is woven on the tips of middle & index finger and the thumb. Now you do not have to take off your glove just to receive a call or write a text message, you can do so while wearing this touch screen glove.


Uppercup – iPhone Case with Cupholder

This is a unique product, which can be used with your iPhone. Uppercup is essentially an iPhone case that also functions as cup holder to hold the drink while you send a text message. For iPhone 4 it is priced at $25 and at $30 for the iPhone 5. It can be a useful utility if you are on the go and need to send a text and at the same time hold the drink.


We have come across a number of apps and accessories, in the recent past, which can certainly work towards making our lives better and help us do thing easily. Most of these devices and apps are priced in a way that they are affordable for everyone.

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