How to Get Rid of Pests Permanently

How to Get Rid of Pests Permanently

Part of what makes pests so frustrating is how often they come back. Just when you think you never have to deal with the pest again, it shows up. This is because people often fail to address the root causes of the infestation, such as an opening on the side of the house.

Here are 7 tips to get rid of pests permanently. If you need help, do not hesitate to visit Exterminator Burlington or call a professional near you.

1. Keep the house as clean as possible


Pests love dirty, cluttered homes where they can find food. So, no matter what pests you are dealing with, start by cleaning up the house. Deep clean by vacuuming behind furniture and appliances. Mop the floors and get organized.

The cleaner and more open the space is, the better. Keep it up by doing all your chores on a regular basis. Do the dishes every day and take out the garbage to reduce the smell of food. Wipe down your countertops when you are done cooking.

2. Put food away properly

Food should be stored in sealed containers so that pests can’t eat anything. If pests can get into your food, they won’t eat bait. Store all your spices and pantry foods in jars and airtight containers. Choose glass and thick plastics so that rodents cannot chew through them.

The same thing goes for throwing things out. Use lidded garbage cans and take the garbage out every night. Garbage bins should be kept clean and kept in a secure location so that you do not attract mice, wasps, raccoons, or other pests.

3. Address the causes of the infestation

There is a reason you are getting pests in the first place. Research the pest you are trying to get rid of or that you are hoping to avoid and think of what could be bringing it into the home. Then, address the problem.

If you have bed bugs, for example, you may have gotten them from the laundromat you go to. Speak to the owner and urge them to hire an exterminator. Then, moving forward, wash your clothing in hot water and bag them up as soon as you are done drying them. Never let your things linger at the laundromat.

4. Seal entry points

Seal Entry Points

Pests will come back unless you seal the entry points they use to get inside the house. Mice, for instance, often come crawling under doors or sneaking in the wall vents. Deal with every possible entry point for permanent results.

Add weather stripping to any doors that have gaps underneath them. Then, make sure that your window screens are in good shape. Seal cracks in the door frames and window frames with caulking. You should also cover vents with a quarter inch mesh. Use caulking, epoxy, or mesh to address any other openings you find in the sides of the home.

5. Use the right products

A common mistake that people make when getting rid of pests is to use the wrong products. If you are getting rid of ants, get insecticides that are formulated for the species of ant you are dealing with. Follow the product’s instructions very carefully and do not mix products together.

Research the pest thoroughly before you start. Visit exterminator blogs and regional guidelines. You can find all kinds of information online.

6. Take preventative measures

Electronic and DIY deterrents can be very useful for preventing pests. If you suffer from crawling insects, for example, try using a perimeter spray in the spring. For wasps, you can set up fake wasp nests and traps. Read up on which smells that the pests in your area dislike and try using them to your advantage.

7. Hire a pest control professional


The most reliable way you can get rid of pests permanently is to hire a pest control professional. Technicians use highly effective pesticides and products that have permanent results.

Ask for an inspection and exclusion service in which the technician seals every entry point. Many companies offer warranties with this service.

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