iOS 12 or Android 9 Pie: Which is better?

iOS 12

Android 9 Pie and iOS 12, both the mobile operating systems are released with endless features and improvements. You will be surprised to know that they both are more similar than any previous versions. Many features of iOS 12 are inspired from the latest offering from Google, while Pie also adopts few attributes from Apple’s new platform. Such happenings made it difficult for the users to choose one of them, but we are here to help. The feature comparison guide presented here will highlight which OS scores better. Then you can decide which one is the best?

Fluidity, faster is better

iOS and Android, both focus on the speed in their latest versions. Example, opening the camera from unlock screen is up to 70 percent and keyboard launch is 50 percent faster in most of the iPhones with iOS 12. Additionally, navigation and interface have been improved to offer fine-tuned experience to the users.

Android 9 Pie has also improved the quick set up menu, introduced a new swipe gesture navigation system, text selection mode while viewing open or recent applications and Always-On mode that also shows calendar entries as well as weather.

Overall, we can say that both Apple and Google are not only working to introduce new features but they are also trying to improve existing ones.

Winner: iOS 12

iOS 12
Voice Assistant

Google Assistant has unmatched features, which gives a clear edge to Android 9 in this department. Google is working to add a human touch to the assistant while Apple is focused on providing real-time support through Siri.

Siri can assist you configuring daily routines and complete given tasks faster through various apps. Example: with a voice command “Headed Home”, Siri Shortcuts can message your spouse, play your favorite music station and show the navigation for a route that has the least traffic. Google Assistant also help in your routines, answer your questions and even teach manners to your kids. Google is also working on its Assistant so that it can start small conversations with other humans or make some reservations for you.

Winner: Android Pie 9

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Android has been always superior to iOS in terms of notifications. But, iOS 12 is catching up with grouped notifications and many other improvements. In the latest version of iOS, you can manage notifications from the lock screen, either send them to the notification center or disable any that are giving you repeated alerts. Siri will even give you suggestions based on your activities, just like Google Assistant. If you repeatedly dismiss any notification without opening, Siri will give you the option to permanently block them.

A new Bedtime Mode in iOS 12 sends all the notifications during the night to Notification center. So that even if you check the time from your phone at night, you will not be bothered by any other messages or alerts. 
Android still has better features as it allows you to control which notifications you want to see on the lock screen and which ones go silent. You can always change the notifications appearance as per need and DND (Do not disturb) mode is much better now. That’s why Android is still better in this division as well.
Winner: Android Pie 9

Less recharging

Both the operating systems have less impact on the battery now. Android 9 has a new granular power management system and ability to freeze apps consuming extra battery in the background. Its Adaptive Battery learns about the timings when you use the smartphone less, which apps are used fewer times and depending upon the same it saves power intelligently.
IOS 12 also has some optimizations to consume less battery and you can view detailed reports about battery consumption by the apps.

Winner: Android Pie 9


iOS 12’s messaging is better than all the previous versions. You can send Animoji, Memoji that you can create from your own face, launch FaceTime for video calls, share text over Wi-Fi with other iMessage users, text sharing between other Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, and Mac) and use Peer to Peer payment. Too many features iMessaging to mention.

On the other hand, Android is messaging is available to use from the web, which allows you to text from both mobile and computer. But, Hangouts are still underdeveloped and Google Duo will not open from messaging or computer.

Winner: iOS 12iOS 12
Digital wellbeing

Apple and Google, both want us to spend less time in front of the smartphones. Hard to believe, but it’s true. That is why they have included features that allow you to monitor how you use the device and apply some restrictions to cut down the usage. You can check how much time you spent on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you think that’s too much of your productive time, you can stop their launch once the allotted time is over.
Google’s Digital Wellbeing is still in beta version, you can sign up and use. ScreenTime in iOS 12 is available to track phone usage.
Winner: iOS 12

AR Environment

iOS 12 has a very exciting multiplayer feature where you can interact with other iOS 12 users in the same AR environment. Think of playing virtual Ping Pong or building something from Lego.
Android 9 goes one step ahead as you can play together with both Android and iOS users. Referred as Cloud Anchors, it has similar, in fact, better features than of iOS 12.
Winner: Android Pie 9

Software Updates

Many of the Android vendors still lag in rolling out latest updates for the OS. Example, Samsung, one of the major manufacturers of Android smartphones takes several months to release an update. Galaxy S8, one of the flagship phones from the Korean company received Oreo update in March, a delay of seven months after Google released it for pixel devices.

iOS devices get the updates the same day it releases without any interference from third parties.

Winner: iOS 12

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