Lunch Box that transforms into a personal dining tray

Lunch Box Tray

Everything is getting smart, so why not the kitchen? With millions of things on your mind, it might be hard for you to spare thought for your kitchen. However, if you buy thoughtful kitchen appliances like The Lunch Box Tray then you don’t have to do the thinking. Your kitchen would do it for you. These wonderful kitchen gadgets are not only high on functionality, in addition, they are also aesthetically pleasing. If you really need the functionality that they offer then these would give you a true value for money. Check them out.

Lunch Box Tray

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An entry at the Midwest Student Merit Award, the Sunch (or Lunch Under the Sun) by Designed by Soo Kang Lee is an innovative box to pack your lunch that transforms into a personal dining tray, letting you enjoy the meal anywhere, anytime. The modular lunch box not just keep your drinks and dishes in a proper shape, but it featuring flexible sides flatten out into a compact but at the same time smart table that you may comfortably place on your lap. The table comes with circular slots at the bottom to keep the dish containers and bottle intact. The multifunctional box with its storage as well as dining capabilities is an ideal accessory for a picnic or while trekking a secluded place.
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More innovative kitchen gadgets like Lunch Box Tray

1. Sandwich Lunch Box

lunchbox of sanduba 02

Sandwich is possible the most instant and east to prepare meal, which is equally liked by young and old. Here is a cool looking lunch box named the “Sandwich Lunch Box” that packs your favorite PBJ sandwich or dagwood sandwich for an instant meal anywhere, anytime. Resembling a sandwich, the compact lunch box features a hinged door and clasp to carry your lunch in style. Made in metal, the Sandwich Lunch Box is 5.25 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide and 2 inches deep, that packs the sandwich without crushing or pressing the bread.

2. Panasonic Induction Oven

The Panasonic Oven uses induction plus dual infrared technologies to cook meals, broil, grill, reheat and bake, apart from other things. The countertop oven from Panasonic seems to be aimed at people who look for healthy cooking methods.

3. Cocktail Assistant from Pernod Ricard

The cocktail assistant is a device which fits any bottle. The nifty little device then informs about the amount of drinks and cocktails that are possible to be made out of that particular type of alcohol. After the selection of cocktail, the device prompts the exact quantity of alcohol to be released, but the mixing has to be done by hand.

4. Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler

The Zera Food Recycler is an invention from Whirlpool which is a solution to reduce food waste from households filling up landfills. It converts a week’s waste food of a US family (up to 3.5 kg) into fertilizer that can be used for plants. As composting is in vogue right now, this invention is quite timely as it can convert food waste into fertilizer without any hassles. 

5. Smartypans

This pan is sensor enabled and connects health professionals and chefs with home cooks. The temperature and weight sensors allow the app to give detailed recipe instructions. The recipes are provided in real time, as the person is cooking the meal. 

6. Smarter  FridgeCam

The Smarter FridgeCam lets you know if there’s food in your fridge or if it’s time for you to buy groceries. The app lets the user find out exactly what there is in the fridge, at anytime and from any place. This can prevent overbuying and stocking, as things go bad or stale if you don’t get time to use them.

7. iGulu

The iGulu is a machine meant for beer lovers, especially those who like to brew their own pint. It’s reasonably priced, designed stylishly and is controlled by a user-friendly high tech system, which has precise sensors. The app ensures that the home brew turns out to be of high quality. Manufactured by the Shanghai Haoyang Network Technology Co, iGulu was one of the cool kitchen gadgets that showed up at Vegas.

8. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

This next gen refrigerator is deemed to be one of the most successful launches in the refrigerator market. It delivers connected functionality, coordinates family connections and implements efficient food management. The screen on the fridge allows the users to leave messages on it, look up recipes and use it for other internet enabled functions.

9. Grundig VUX

Virtual User eXperience from Grundig is a control system which controls kitchen appliances via light projection. Dishwasher, hood and hob can be controlled with this new user interface operated with the help of light. This new tech might point the way to others who might manufacture devices using light projection tech.

10. Mastercard Groceries

Mastercard Groceries is the first app which can be used to shop for groceries (as the name implies) integrated into the Family Hub Refrigerator from Samsung. Users can stock the fridge from the kitchen itself, and for those who are on the move, they can use the app with the help of the companion app available on iOS and Android. Stocking the fridge will become a bit easier with this new app.

11. 42 Tea

This app is aimed at tea lovers who love their cuppa to be perfect. The app is linked to a connected cube which guides the user through the steps of tea preparation that is recommended by the app, for every individual user and all the ingredients are calculated as per the taste of the tea drinker.

12. The slim wall mounted toaster

The slim wall mounted toaster

The toaster is one of the most common and oldest kitchen appliances. However, there is always scope of improvement and modifications in a gadget. This slim toaster is a very simple gadget to help you in your daily routine in the kitchen.

The futuristic wall mounting design of the gadget and the ease of using it make it a smart gadget for the kitchen. It a occupies very less space, since it can be wall mounted, your counter tops in the kitchen will have more space. Insert the bread slice from the top and collect it when ready, from the vertical tray below it.

13. A speaker and an iPad stand

A speaker and an iPad stand

Many times a simple innovation can be quite useful and bring about a smarter experience. Like this gadget, which is a Bluetooth speaker and a stand to hold your tablet or iPad. You can listen to music or recipes through the Bluetooth speaker. Music as you know has the potential to elevate your mood and give you better results, a tastier dish in this case. The second feature of this gadget is to hold your iPad so that you could easily read or watch the recipes that you want to prepare in your kitchen. A small gadget can change the way you cook in your kitchen.

14. The mobile kitchen

The mobile kitchen

This is probably the coolest kitchen gadget in the list. How compact can a kitchen be? The size of a centre table or a suitcase? Dragan Trenchevski, the designer of the mobile kitchen has created a kitchen in a laptop-sized gadget. The gadget looks like a laptop, with a screen and a cleverly designed induction plate in front of the screen. You can browse for recipes on the screen, see the recipe while you cook. The controls and the screen are both ‘touch’ enabled. Electrolux supports the mobile kitchen project.

15. The VIA modular kitchen

The VIA modular kitchen

The VIA kitchen unit is an innovative and compact solution for a small kitchen. The unit can be assembled on a small counter top. It features an induction cook top, griddle and a grilling plate. These can be attached on the sides of the central unit, which already has the in-built induction cook top. The gadget has a futuristic approach with a cool design and required utility.

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