Macau Pavilion: Eco structure for the Shanghai World Expo 2010

macau pavillion UiVHq 58
In the recent past China has given some of the most amazing structures to the architectural world that will not just be a landmark for the designers but also help in sustaining the environment. Motivated by the ‘rabbit lanterns,’ a popular mid-autumn festival celebrated in South China in ancient times, Chinese architectural firm Carlos Marreiros has come up with yet another unique structure for the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Taking the shape of a jade rabbit lantern, the ‘Macau Pavilion’ will be enveloped in a double-layer glass casing, while the outer walls will feature fluorescent panels. The Macau Pavillion will not just use eco-friendly material but it will also include solar power panels and rain collection systems that will fulfill most of the energy and water requirements of the structure. The Macau Pavilion simply flaunts the juvenile spirit of rising China.

macau pavillion 1 HjiZU 58
macau pavillion 2 fRTUZ 58

Via: Designboom/ Neatorama

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