Breathe Easy: Generating clean air for you to inhale

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Cities with dazzling lifestyle and loads of job opportunities have been luring millions of people around the world, resulting in poor air quality and health apprehensions in urban environments. Addressing the decreasing home/office air quality, especially in urban areas, designer Paul Thomas has popped up with an aeroponic growing system named ‘Breathe Easy’ that generates clean and fresh air in your work or living spaces, regardless of the environment outside. Based on the gel nutrient substrate, the new system cultivates toxin-absorbing plants supported by magnetic seals in the upper opening, while a row of LED lights at the bottom gives a delicate touch to the unique system. Therefore, the Breathe Easy not just increases air quality through natural circulation of your space, but it also enhances the interiors with LED lights illuminating the surrounding. Of course, the system requires special care and attention – as it isn’t self sustaining itself- like all other indoor plants.

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Via: Yanko

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