Massive ‘Traffic-Straddling Bus’ lets smaller vehicles drive underneath

traffic straddling bus

Congested roads due to increasing number of personal vehicles are a common problem that is troubling all the developed and developing nations worldwide. Addressing the issue, Chinese group Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co. Ltd has come up with an ambitious project to run green and economic subway cars, rather buses, that seat or commute passengers 4 to 4.5 meters above the ground and let smaller vehicles drive underneath without any hindrance. The Straddling Bus, as they call it, runs on electricity and solar energy and can carry up to 1400 passengers, which definitely will help in reducing the number of vehicles on city roads. Moreover, it is cheaper to construct and maintain in comparison to a traditional subway. Beijing’s Mentougou district is set to launch its first track (186km) by the end of this year.

traffic straddling bus 01
traffic straddling bus 03

Via: Chinahush/ Engadget/Inhabitat

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