Aicomobile lets the visually impaired make/receive a call and SMS

aicomobile for the blind 01

Mobile phones connecting people all over the world have become an integral part of modern life, but the use of hi-tech devices is limited to normal users only, as there are limited or no options available for special users and they have to sustain without the luxury of a cellphone. Intended towards the visually impaired, the “Aicomobile” by Russian designer Lord Leon is an innovative cellphone that not just allows the special user to make or receive a call, but also gives the possibility of sending SMS. Resembling a Rubik’s Cube, the mobile handset features Braille fonts and numbers that the blind can identify and dial to make a call (using earphones) or even an SMS with minimum fuss. Measuring 40x40x40 mm in dimension, the Aicomobile comes with a strap so it could be worn like a necklace for hands free comfort.

aicomobile for the blind 02

Via: Aicogroup

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