Mobile Speakers to meet the glam of trendy geeks

portable ipod speaker  02

Designed by Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh for Marumiya Furniture, the Mobile Speakers are not only minimalist in design but also functional in usage, meeting the glam of trendy geeks. Compatible with MP3 players, CD players, PMPs and PCs, the portable speakers connect through a stereo mini-jack and DC jack. Looking, rather functioning, like a carry bag, the speaker system carries your PMPs and mobile phones to play your favorite tracks with surround sound on the move. Measuring 46 (length) x 12 (width) × 11 (depth) cm, the speakers weigh just 1,420 g. The speaker system can be yours for $336 (31,500 yen).

portable ipod speaker  01
mobile speakers

Via: Spoon-tamago/ BBG

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