Most Brilliant and Ingenious Stamp Designs

We are living in a modern and creative era where we are expected to do everything in a smart and elegant way. This is not just applicable to our homes but also to our office, especially the office accessories. The official stamps are one such important thing that everyone notice and hence, demand great attention during the designing process. To help you, here we are with five most astonishing and creative stamp designs.

The Datestapler

The Datestapler:

Are you still using the boring, old conventional stapler? Well, if yes then you do not need to use them anymore. Here is a unique “Datestapler” which serves two purposes together. First, it staples and secondly it stamps dates too. Hence, it is extremely helpful in managing your office work and making chronological paper filing easy.

Baby Stamp

Baby Stamp:

These adorable stamps have actually been made by engraving real baby handprint and footprint. These simple yet elegant stamps would be perfect to seal papers, letters and can even be used to decorate birthday greeting cards and baby gifts.

MUJI Stamp Set Funny Face

MUJI Funny Face Stamp Set:

This is a funny way to design stamps. This incredible stamp set contains twelve rubber stamps made from wood and includes one black and one blue inkpad. The entire material comes packaged inside a wooden box and you can use it to design several funny faces.

Stampy Digital Camera

Stampy Digital Camera:

This unique stampy digital camera is simply adorable for its unique functions. You can create a rubber stamp using any of your photographs and then use it as a stamp on any sheet or surface. All you need to do is to take a click and your stamp is ready for use. However, unlike the digital cameras that are loaded with several additional features and color options, the stampy digital camera allows you to make photo stamps with only one color, red.

Kaoiro Stamps_1

Kaoiro Stamps:

The name of this amazing stamp has been derived from the Japanese word “Kaoiro” that stands for “facial expressions.” This stamp is used to create Japanese emoticons and is very similar to the date stamp mentioned earlier. It has both the digital and old-fashioned stationary and has seven belts with almost 200 symbols.


The stamps form an integral part of our office and the other stationary work. If you design them like these stamps, surely everyone would love to have one to make a style statement at work.

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