OLIMP adds convenience to your shopping in supermarkets

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A highly technical and multifunctional cash counter, the “OLIMP,” has been designed exclusively for the supermarkets to provide better and efficient service to the customers. This design facilitates well-synchronized treatment of various purchases of customers. Overcoming the difficulty of congestion emerging at cash counters in huge supermarkets, this cash box provides for number of accessories like a shelf for the basket, protection of the scanner, protection of the cash machine, separate purchases and table for packing your purchase. A special accessory for transporting long products like snowboards or hockey sticks adds convenience to your shopping.

Offering enough room for different kind of customers, the OLIMP is intelligently designed with a circular shape at the top that rotates in order to ease its maintenance. Glass doors thoughtfully constructed on two opposite sides conform to the protection of jewels and other products. Further advantage is added by installing a stand of a simple form on a shelf under the carrier, where the buyer can collect the purchased goods without bothering other customers standing in the line. This multifunctional cash box serves operational advantage to a supermarket, adding brightness to it in white, turquoise and yellow-green colors.

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Via: Designet

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