Open Space: An ingenious way to replace boxes in a satellite


Human endeavors gave birth to a brilliant object which we call a Satellite. These artificial satellites, as they are fondly tagged, are placed in the orbits around the earth. Their making as well as functioning consumes a lot of money that stretches up to hundreds of millions of dollars. But, at times late box replacement at the production level can lead to a lot of loss. Keeping this in mind, Rafael Mayani has designed the “Open Space” satellite solution.

Making a satellite not only requires heaps of money, but also consumes a lot of time. In 75% cases box replacement is required during production, which further consumes time. It may stretch up to four months and another few millions of dollars. This also includes laborious re-testing, which is indispensable, as all the parts have to be disconnected to swap the broken box. The concept by Rafael is comparatively easy and won’t consume unnecessary resources.

This will let the satellite open like flower petals and prove to be quite helpful during production stages. The satellite solution will skip the step of disconnecting wires, which means additional re-testing takes a backseat. It will give birth to an ergonomic and hassle-free work environment, thanks to its flat surface! The internal components can be accessed in an effortless manner because of the slender panels that accompany the hexagonal construction. The ingenious concept vows to save both money and time.

[Cheers Rafael]

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