Quintessentially One becomes a floating destination for the super rich

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Cruising on the rising waves is a rich and mesmerizing experience in itself, and when it is adorned with all the important luxuries of modern life, one can’t ask for more than that. Taking the cruising to an altogether new level, the Quintessentially One superyacht is a 220-meter luxury liner that offering a lifestyle membership becomes a floating destination to the passengers, as the vessel is selling luxury apartments between £8 million and £12 million. Housing 12 triplex residential apartments on the top decks, the mega yacht will also accommodate a £750 per night boutique hotel, restaurant by Wolseley, Quintessence spa and a shopping emporium to attract visitors from all across the world. If this is not enough, the megayacht also includes a night bar, different water sport activities, high-tech business center, library, special activity area for kids and so on. The Quintessentially One will commence its first sail in 2013 and travel across some of the most luxurious ports worldwide.

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Via: Daily Mail

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