Make a style statement with wearable MP3 player

mp3 player 01

Portable music players may allow complete control of the music to the user, but you cannot hold the player in your hand all the time, especially when both the hands are occupied. Therefore, you will have to either clip it on your shirt or place it in the pocket, which restrict the visibility of the screen, and thus your control over the music. Offering a way out, Indian designer Avik Ghosh has come up with an innovative MP3 player that the user can wear in his/her hand to allow complete visibility and control all the time. Locating a touchscreen at the back of your hand, the wearable MP3 player gives easy excess to your playlist and other controls with ease, while making a style statement. In case, you don’t want to wear it in your hand, you can remove the main body to be used as an iPod or other MP3 player.

mp3 player
mp3 player 02

[Cheers Avik]

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