Soil Table is strangely neither a table nor a flower pot

soiltable 1
Well, the soil table is designer Ori Mishkel’s strange way to integrate nature into our lives. We have come across all sorts of weird ideas aiming at mixing some green into our lives. However, this one is an absurd standout. Made using a ready-made table, soil, iron net and fern, the table looks more of a gravitational experiment on the poor plant.

soiltable 2
Anyhow, with the growth underneath, it’s the soil top which grabs your attention. That makes it neither a table nor a flower pot. However, it’s good for those willing to care about plant soil composition and how it helps the plant hold its own against such mindboggling act. Already disturbed thinking about those prickly ferns brushing against your legs when sitting on that table.

soiltable 3
soiltable 4

Via: Designboom

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