Seamen’s Church Institute supports ‘No Boundary’ condition

seamen s church institute 1
Located at the South Street Seaport in the lower Manhattan, the Seamen’s Church Institute from Miso Soup Design is an unconventional structure that, breaking away from the typical bar-like piers, supports a “No Boundary” condition as if there is no real physical edge to the artificial land. Featuring a complex but at the same time practical design, the modern architecture employs a mathematical knot with a simple 3-fold loop that gives connectivity to the structure with the continuation of the circulation and space. The loop not just gives fluidity to the structure but also connects various programs three-dimensionally. The internal loop makes use of the natural light by drawing it down to the center of the structure during the daytime, while a large water tank collects rainwater, harnessing the natural resources. The structure removing boundary pavilions seems to invite people to Manhattan.

seamen s church institute 3
seamen s church institute 4
seamen s church institute 5
seamen s church institute 6
seamen s church institute 2

Via: Miso Soup Design

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