Shopping is a fun with ‘Transformable Electric Car’

electric hypermarket 1
Shopping with conventional carts in the big malls often becomes annoying, especially when you have to move from corner to corner to accumulate the required products. Addressing the issue, the Transformable electric car is a novel shopping cart that moves the buyers across the big shopping center in no time to gather the commodities of their daily use. Designed as a diploma project at Nizhny Novgorod Architectural and Construction University, the flexible cart facilitates the buyers to purchase large quantities of goods without wasting too much effort as well as time. Featuring a compact size, comfortable and friendly management interface, the shopping cart activates through the normal card buyer. Powered by a 220V battery, the cart has a low gravity center for enhanced stability while moving on the smooth surface. Measuring 1800 x 1350 x 1225 mm (LWH), the electric cart offers a maximum speed of 15 km/h with three onboard passengers. In short, the Transformable electric car saves the precious time of buyers and makes shopping an effortless task for modern consumers.

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Via: Designet

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