Simple inventions marked by their usefulness

As the cost of various commodities is rising, it has become very important for us to look for methods to utilize things in the best possible way. Any inventor invents with an aim that it is successful in providing people a comfortable zone at affordable rate. Here are some cool inventions that you never knew could be useful in your daily lives.

Cup holder umbrella_1

Cup holder umbrella

Gone are the days when it was difficult to carry umbrella and you could not enjoy you coffee. This invention gives you the facility to enjoy your drink while your carry your umbrella. Cup Holder Umbrella consists of a cup holder attached at the handle of the umbrella. It works on the gimbal mechanism that ensures that the cup is balanced and the liquid contained in the cup does not spill. The best part is that you can use it while the umbrella is closed or it is in use.

Ironing board mirrors

Ironing board mirrors

Ironing Board Mirrors functions as a mirror and an ironing board. It is a mirror that doubles as an ironing board and can be flipped back into a full-length mirror. It is a space saving device with ones side as ironing board and other as a full-length mirror.

Baby stroller and scooter hybrid_1

Baby stroller/scooter hybrid

Baby stroller/scooter Hybrid is a multifunctional carriage for baby that can be transformed into a scooter. The lower part of the body of the stroller has an extended transform that can be pulled changing into roller buggy with the steering, which is achieved by either leaning left or right. The baby seat can be removed and the device can be used as a scooter.

Mirror Wiper

Mirror Wiper

After a hot relaxing shower, all the fog gathers up on the mirror and annoys us. Mirror Wiper helps you to easily wipe the fog from the mirror. The device works on the simple mechanism of windshield wiper and consists of a suction cup that helps in attaching it to the mirror. Just rotate the wiper by hand to remove all the steam.

The Inside outside umbrella

The Inside outside umbrella

It is near impossible to use an umbrella in strong wind, because the umbrella is very likely to simply flip and break. The inside outside umbrella helps you fight strong winds. Unlike ordinary umbrellas, it closes upwards, so the strong wind would actually force the umbrella to stay in place, rather than fold up and drench you.


While we have a tendency to favor complex inventions, small and simple inventions have the power to have a profound impact on our lives. At the end of the day, it is the usefulness of an object that matters the most.

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