Six most unusual yet interesting laptop bags

Laptops have become such an important part of lives that it is virtually difficult to imagine life without them. Whether you are a student or a business magnate, carrying a laptop is mandatory. But have you ever wondered that laptop bags can be widely unusual yet interestingly stylish. If not, then check this out


  • Koo laptop bag is spacious and oddly stylish. You might not have thought about it, but laptops can actually be carried in a bag made of bamboo sticks. Measuring 12X8 inches, the bag has mini pockets and is priced only at $54. The liner of the bag is available in tan tone or dark green.
  • Loved the old, traditional cassettes? If yes, then this Cassette Tape Tote bag is an option for you. The bag looks like an old, giant cassette tape and can be used for carrying your laptop and CDs. Since the bag can be folded flat, it can easily be carried as a shopping bag or hung over your car’s stereo.
  • If you are a total lover of monsters and cartoons, then this uber cool bag is something you must not miss. Monster Laptop sleep by Berry Farm has cool monster design along with padding encased with faux fur. This makes the bag look fluffy and offers safety for laptop. With grinning teeth, this bag is a great gift for kids.


  • Hate carrying laptop in your hand? Then try this Ultra slim Laptop backpack. Unlike other bulky laptop bags, this one is slim, lightweight and can hold a 17-inch laptop. Stretchy neoprene straps distribute the weight on both of your shoulders and make it easier to carry. The bag comes in handy for trips as well for those who like to carry bags in a non-fussy manner.
  • If you are a creative person, then this laptop sleeve is just the right option for you. Regular laptop bags in black can be boring, but Skooba made DIY laptop sleeve is an extension of your personality. The bag comes in white color and you can try your hand at creating a masterpiece by using markers, pens or brushes.
  • Want to keep your laptop warm during winters? Try the wool worthy laptop bag. Made of wool, this shock absorbing, biodegradable bag can work up to 17 inch laptops. Designed by South African born designer, Mary Ann Williams, the product is made from one hundred percent pure wool and priced at $450.

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