Sleep Suit lets you have a power nap anywhere, anytime

sleep suit 04

To keep up the pace with 24 x 7 work schedule, which usually becomes demanding for both mind and body, employees need a nap at regular intervals to sustain the pressure at contemporary workspaces. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s practice of Dymaxion Sleeping, which involves four 30-minute naps over a period of 24 hours, the “Sleep Suit” by Forrest Jessee is a sort of portable sleeping bag that lets the user have a power nap anywhere, anytime. Interweaving structural pleats made in EVA foam, often used as padding in sports equipments and sleeping bags, the Sleep Suit ensures optimum comfort even in hard surfaces. All you need to do is spare few moments and enclose yourself within the suit for a sound nap.

sleep suit 02
sleep suit 05
sleep suit 06
sleep suit 03
sleep suit 01

Via: Blogitecture/Gizmodo

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