Sony Ericsson Leia MP3 player is sprinkled with girly traits

sony ericsson leia mp3 concept

Women have a special affection for things which are dainty and sleek. Unlike men, they even want their gadgets to have a reflection of their sophisticated personality. Wilson Nino has worked on this trait and designed an MP3, named the “Sony Ericsson Leia,” which looks quite supple and can be twisted and turned as per one’s whims and fancies.

Roll it around your wrist or decorate it like a neckpiece, Leia will prove to be every girls dream. The artist has consciously tried to stay away from the typical box-like shapes MP3 players come with. Almost, all of them are controlled using the thumb, with no newness involved.

The concept MP3 player comes embedded with all the necessary functions. These functions get activated when the device is twisted in different ways. Leia also has a Bluetooth mode (gets activated when bent in L-shape), which lets the user exchange music files with minimum fuss. The music player sans the chaotic wires, thanks to the Bluetooth headphones that won’t create any mess.

Sony Ericsson Leia will flexibly compliment every girl’s personality. The device has been crafted in an elegant manner, which will act as a fine-looking accessory.

[Thanks for the tip, Wilson]

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