Spectacular weapons used by real life spies

There are very few people who do not like to watch spy movies or read who-done-its involving spies and cloaked gentlemen. James Bond is our only reference point for understanding how the spies must lead their lives. Well, you must have seen the amazing cars and weapons used by Mr. Bond and fantasized about them a bit. Do not think that the life of real spies is less spectacular.


They also have a thrilling life and most of them are skilled at hiding their real identity. As the saying goes truth is stranger than fiction. The real life spies use weapons that are more stunning and surprising than the movies. In the following five of the most amazing weapons used by real spies have been listed.


The Stinger:

The Stinger used by OSS is the predecessor of the modern and sleek pen guns. Pen guns continue to be called stinger. It was invented in the 1920s and has been in used by the spies for protection ever since. It can be hidden easily. The primitive stringer needed a trigger to work and could not be refilled. The next generations of stringers produced during the 1990s were foldable and could be reloaded. They were known as handguns rather than pen guns.


The Bond Shoe dagger:

This may sound like a fictional scoop but some weapons used by the CIA are actually inspired by James Bond or rather his creator Ian Fleming. According to legend, Fleming and the then head of CIA, Allen Dulles, were great friends. Fleming insisted that CIA starts using more progressive and advanced weapons. The Shoe Dagger is one of the weapons that CIA agents really use and it is inspired by bond.


The Welrod Mk II:

The Welrod MK II is a gun that the employees of British SOE used. It looks like a pump with which people repair the punctured cycle tires. It can be disassembled very easily but helps the spies in assassinating enemies in a jiffy during action.


The Sleeve Gun MK II:

The Sleeve Gun MK II is another gun developed by the British SOE. It can be concealed inside the sleeves of the user. It was used for firing once. Chiseled spies can kill their victim easily from 9 feet distance with it.


Poison Pens:

There is a deep rooted connection between spies and poison. A North Korean spy was once caught with lots of strange weapons. There were two poison pens in his possession. One of them had a needled tip for giving poison injections and another could shoot a single poison bullet.


Spies have secret, miserable yet very interesting lives. Some of them are good and some of them are evil but all of them use stunning weapons that we can’t imagine of.

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