Storage platform beds and its Use

Although you may not believe it, there are several benefits of having a small bedroom.  For one, this teaches you to limit your things to a certain level. In addition, they are always easier to clean. A bed though very important does take up a whole lot of space of your personal or shared room.

Most of the times, after setting the bed, there is hardly any more space for compiling any other stuff. You might want to put up a table or a media center, but it is a no go since the space looks simply too cluttered to live in.

Not anymore though folks. The days of living in perpetual cluttered-ness are over ‘cause move over normal beds, here come platform beds.

Getting acquainted with Platform Beds

Platform beds were in a way exclusively designed for rooms of small proportions. The basic idea was to keep a foundation under the bed to keep the mattress supported. Nevertheless, the space was wasted and there is when the idea for storage under the bed was invented.

The storage under platform beds is in fact, at the heart of it, a platform bed combined with your usual chest of drawers. The best part about these drawers is that, they are detachable and yes, you can store as much as stuff as you want.

The invention was of course a boon for people who live in dorms or share their room with others. The best part is that; unlike using beds, which can blend in with the walls or something like that, the beds in question are certainly more affordable than the other ones.

The Designs of such beds

Imagine a boxed bed and you will get the general picture. However, to elaborate it properly, you will have to think of a rectangular bed, which was a chest of drawers beneath it. There are largely two kinds of designs, which make use of this style.

One; a couple of drawers, which can be opened only when you keep the mattress aside, i.e. from the middle of the bed. Side drawers, which can be opened, are also an option when purchasing such a bed.

In any event, combining both is the best that you can hope for. Keep a drawer, which opens, from the side of the bed and one, which opens from the base of your mattress. For the purposes of security, it is advised that you keep a couple of rings, which can be padlocked.

Installing a completely locking mechanism is also fair.

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