TESLA an ecological radiator to charge your gadgets without any complications

tesla 1

Charging your mobile electronic devices like cellphones, tablets, iPods, music players, etc can prove to be quite cumbersome. First go and find the charger and then try and find an exact position where you can plug it in. All these steps can be so irritating when you enter home after a tiring day. TESLA an ecological radiator is here with a solution which will make charging your mobile gadgets painless.

Designed by Vincent Gobin, TESLA apart from its heating capabilities is now going to energize your gadgets. It comes incorporated with thermo-electric batteries that convert heat into electricity which further will pump your devices with energy through electromagnetic induction. Just wedge it near the entrance, and as soon as you open the door it will great you and your devices. Now no need to hunt for ugly black colored entangled wires, TESLA is here to iron out all your charging woes.
tesla 2

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Via: behance

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